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the Cyber Smart Coin ICO and Token Giveaway

CBST is the coin name of CyberSmartCoin, which uses trading bots to grow the dividends they pay out to investors. CBST is currently in the ICO stage of their roadmap. the current price is ten US cents a coin. and, they’re giving away 150 coins to people who signup in this stage of the ICO. you can read the white paper and other info on **Do your own research.**
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Hitbtc Fees: High or Not?

This July was definitely an interesting month. The most strange and funny event in my opinion was John McAfee’s accusation of HitBTC for having high fees. Actually it’s a good topic for an article…
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XYO Network announces BiTA membership🙌

XYO Network, a company bringing realtime location data to the blockchain, has announced its membership in the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).
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Wacoinda Forever!✊🏽 Lol

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