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The Community Whitelist Starts Today Everything you need to know to participate.

We wanted to recap some key points so that you have everything you need to know for the community whitelist. As a reminder, only people who registered at in the previous days can participate.

1. Dates and contract address

The event begins on timestamp 1505480400, which is roughly September 15, 1:00 pm GMT.

In order to participate you must go to Participating in the sale implies that you’ve read, understood, and accepted the Terms.

Please make sure that the contract that you send to starts with 0x3c33 and ends in ae74.

2. Structure

The event will last up to six days. Each day features a different individual contribution cap. Also, the number of participants has been limited so that everyone who registered has the chance to get MANA tokens. We manually processed every registration and ended up removing over a thousand duplicate accounts.

On day one, each participant will be able to purchase up to 3.3 ETH worth of MANA tokens. On the second day, up to 10 ETH each; on the third day, 30 ETH; fourth day, 90 ETH; fifth day, 450 ETH; sixth day, 1,500 ETH. The whitelist will finalize once we sell the total MANA allocated (24,500 ETH), or at the end of the sixth day. Also, it is important to note that those who skip one day are able to participate on subsequent days, as long as the whitelist has not yet ended.

3. Price, Gas price, Gas limit

The ETH to MANA rate is 11,954.

The recommended gas limit is 90,000.

4. Wallet

The only way to participate will be to send funds directly to our smart contract address. Do not use the Decentraland Chrome extension. You may use ETH wallets such as imToken, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, or Mist. We will make the contract address public on

You will receive your MANA tokens to the same address from which you sent the funds.

Remember: do NOT send funds from an exchange or you may risk losing your funds.

5. Safety

As always, beware of phishing URLs, fake domains and emails from non-trusted parties. The contract address will only be posted on our website ( and official blog (

Thank you

Once again, we appreciate the community’s overwhelming support as we continue building Decentraland.