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The Baseline Protocol is now live and open to public contributors.

Welcome to Baseline

Combining advances in cryptography, messaging, and blockchain to execute secure and private business processes via the public Ethereum Mainnet.

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Baseline is an open source initiative with a large and growing team of supporting companies. The first code was donated by Ernst & Young and ConsenSys, with support from Microsoft, and is now receiving contributions from many other companies. The purpose of the project is to bring enterprises and complex business processes to the Ethereum Mainnet, while guarding the privacy constraints and needs of a typical group of enterprises.

The Baseline Protocol defines a series of steps to follow to privately and securely synchronize data inside two independent databases, using the Ethereum Mainnet as an auditable common frame of reference. This protocol implements best practices around data consistency and compartmentalization, and leverages public Ethereum for verifying execution of private transactions, contracts and tokens on the mainnet using ZKP (zkSnarks). The Baseline Protocol is designed such that it can be extended and applied to any database/workflow.

Radish34 Demo

In order to demonstrate the Baseline Protocol, we needed a use-case. The use-case chosen was product procurement within a supply-chain, and the custom application built for this workflow is called Radish34. This application was built as a proof of concept for the Baseline Protocol.

The Baseline Protocol code is currently embedded inside the /radish-api directory, but we are in the process of moving that code into the /baseline directory to clearly distinguish the protocol from the use-case. Once this move is complete, radish-api will import baseline as a module, which will be the same process that other projects will need to follow to i...

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