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Technopreneur Without The Technology

A very wrong assumption around the world is that in order to be a technology entrepreneur, one should be able to write complicated codes or invent something that the world has never seen. I can share from personal experience that nothing can be further from the truth.

This is the reason why people with the most brilliant ideas never even consider jumping into the technopreneur space because the thought is, "How can I be a technopreneur when I can't even code?" However, the reality is you don't need to know how to code at all. In order to be a technopreneur, the one and only thing required is an idea -- an idea that changes, improves and redefines the way business gets done.

The art of thinking, creating and expanding businesses is all about innovation. The good news is that innovation is not limited to first-movers. Google did not build the first search engine. Amazon was not the first online store. Facebook was not the first social networking website. However, at this time, these are some of the most profitable companies on the planet.

Why You Don't Need To Know How To Code To Be A Technopreneur

Here's the simple answer: Innovation is different from the invention. Inventing something means creating something that has never existed. Innovating means solving problems with tools that already exist. And innovation is the key to entrepreneurial success, not invention. So there's no need to be an inventor. Instead, being an innovator with a business idea is enough to make a successful technopreneur.

Can you take the leap of faith? Lots of potential innovators have ideas, but very few can articulate or sort out how to effectively bring those ideas to life. Having traveled across 50 countries and spoken at hundreds of conferences, I've met a lot of people full of great ideas, yet they are very skeptical and hesitant to execute. The potential of those ideas is sometimes so immense that I hate to see them go to waste, which is why I sta...

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