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Tachyon Protocol Weekly Report #34

Tachyon Protocol Weekly Report #34

8th -12th, June 2020

— — — — — — — — — ▶︎Development Updates◀︎ — — — — — — — -

1.Tachyon VPN v1.7 for Android -100%

Updates in v1.7:

Multi-hop routing to improve the connection success rate More server types

V1.7 of Android has been released on Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store and our official site. Please update to the latest version.

➤ Download Tachyon VPN on Google Play:

➤ Download Tachyon VPN on Samsung Galaxy Store:

➤ Download APK on our official site:

2. Tachyon VPN v1.7 for iOS -80%

V1.7 of iOS client is still under development and will be released soon with the same updates as Android.

3. Tachyon VPN v2.0 for Android & iOS -60%

In v2.0, IPX Wallet will be integrated into Tachyon VPN! Users will be able to receive and send IPX & VSYS immediately inside Tachyon VPN. This is also a part of IPX Staking System.

4. Tachyon VPN v1.1 for Windows -93%

The development of the Windows version continued this week. We will try our best to release it as soon as possible.

5. Optimization of -100%

Help to improve the interface experience Add English and Korean guide video Check and ensure the rewards distribution

— — — — — — — — — — ▶︎Node Updates◀︎ — — — — — — — — —

1.IPX Staking Report

IPX Staking has been launched for one week. We are excited to share the staking data with all community members!

IPX Staking From 04/06–10/06:

Total Staking Amount: 177, 898,447 IPX Total Nodes on Tachyon Network: 1229 Total Rewards Distribution: 497,730.262914285 IPX Average Daily Rewards Distribution: 71,104 IPX

As the latest data from CoinMarketCap suggests, the circulating supply of Tachyon Protocol is 266,858,531 IPX. From 4th June to 10th June, 177,898,447 IPX tokens, namely 66.7% of IPX circulating supply have been staked during the last one week by Tachyon supporters. 497,730 IPX ...

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