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SWIPE partners with Essentia to provide more use-cases for data ownership

[PARTNERSHIP] SWIPE partners with Essentia to provide more use-cases for data ownership

SWIPE is ecstatic to formally announce our partnership details with Essentia which is a modular decentralised interoperability and data management framework. Essentia provides a complete set of solutions to users, decentralized service providers and their technologies. Essentia is the multi asset swiss-army knife solution that users always have in their pocket. Providing a gateway to decentralized resources and, through them, traditional internet services, while also having exclusive, full control, over their identity, digital life and data.

Introducing Essentia

Essentia fills the solution gap of the current landscape and makes available a complete and versatile multi-chain framework. Its primary goal is to empower users with a toolset of decentralized solutions which seamlessly integrate with on-chain or off-chain systems, services or resources. Essentia protects users’ privacy, needs and security by developing a bleeding-edge and user-friendly framework. The Essentia framework gives full and granular control to users and enables them to act anonymously, pseudo-anonymously or publicly. Users can decide whether or not to share their data in part or in full and when, how and where that data is shared.

List of projects which have integrated Essentia

Essentia already have already been integrated in dozens of projects and their adoption is spreading rapidly and one of the reasons is because with the Essentia framework, the users’ IDs, data, desktop, files, accounts, software, wallets, logins and so forth, are not managed by third-parties or centralized services. They can simply follow the user and always be fully accessible and used from anywhere, in a trustable operating data environment. Protected by cryptography and blockchain-based systems, the user is able to instantly and securely gain access to on-chain and off-chain third-party services and...

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