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Swarm: the under-the-radar-flying decentralized storage killer

So, you're likely as disappointed by the Filecoin conundrum as I am. But do not despair! Another project, from the Ethereum foundation, that most people are unaware of have been making A LOT of progress in the last year while flying under the radar: Swarm I've been following swarm since it's inception and I can tell you, the last months it's made very great progress towards being the incentivized, decentralized data layer the web3 revolution needs. I know this might sound a bit bold, but I believe this is the IPFS/Filecoin/Storj/etc-killer. You might think I'm posting this to shill BZZ, the ratio/balancing-coin, but no, I don't think it's something anyone should invest in (and you CAN NOT right now, anyone claiming otherwise is a scammer), but rather, think of as a very interesting utility-token. The network effect on the entire Ethereum ecosystem of being able to build dapps that are data hungry, applications on parity with Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, will require a tech like this. So, help out these devs, they need people to test their client, it now has the incentivization contracts deployed on göerli, so you can run a bee node, upload and download, even stream videos in HD! You can find the documentation, including setup instructions here: [](
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Yearn Finance integrates Cover Protocol

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