State of Stake vol. 66

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State of Stake vol. 66

Paradigm’s biweekly update on the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem, 30th March — 13th April

TL;DR Ethereum Core Devs to decide when to fork testnets on April 29 Polkadot+Kusama Staking Update has been published Unique Network has won the most recent Polkadot parachain slot auction and will onboard in Lease Period 8 Currently, an anonymous, non-crowdloaned bidder is in the lead of the current Kusama parachain slot auction, but Listen Network was also in the lead during the Ending Period Cosmos Theta upgrade is complete Algorand Foundation launches $10 Million Dev Tooling SupaGrant to develop a world-class open-source developer tooling suite The Cardano Foundation aims to establish a research collaboration with the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (BDLT) Group at the University of Zurich Basics of Staking SNX — 2022 are out The popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea, has begun activating support for Solana. More Solana Hacker Houses are coming soon Check out Avalanche Summit and Hackathon recap The first global Internet Computer hackathon launches on May 10 Terra expands stablecoin reserve beyond Bitcoin with Avalanche. now supports Avalanche, Solana Osmosis, Fantom, Moonbeam Network Ithaca 2, the ninth upgrade to the self-upgradable Tezos protocol, has been activated Gnosis Chain Hardfork is coming on April 20th, if you are running a GC node, upgrade now Orbs PoS V3 is live, multi-chain staking on Polygon and Ethereum ICON validators, Goloop v1.2.4 has been released, please update your node The Injective Mainnet has been upgraded IRIS Hub 1.3 Mainnet upgrade has been successfully completed Details released of the new Elrond Price Discovery Kava 10 launches on May 10 Oasis Network Damask Upgrade secured a big majority vote from validators Polygon is pledging $20 million as part of a push to fully offset the impact of its carbon-dioxide emissions this year. Opera integrated Polygon The Celo Foundation announces the launch of Connect the World, a $20M campaign to incentivize the development of high-quality Celo on- and off-ramps around the globe Yearn is helping the adoption of the yield bearing ERC-4626 token standard Snoop Dogg announced he will release his newest NFT collection on Cardano Protocol Labs recently launched the first production Network Indexer to enable searching for content-addressable data available at storage providers, such as those on the Filecoin and IPFS networks. Also, You can now sync the Filecoin blockchain using the Filecoin Virtual Machine The Graph AdvocatesDAO has formed to onboard the next wave of web3 participants and oversee community grants in The Graph ecosystem Band Partners, the go-to place for updates on Band Protocol’s business developments and partnerships, has been launched mStable partners with Polygon as a grants partner to supercharge the ecosystem for growth NEAR announced its new partnership with Sweatcoin, a London-based tech company that incentivizes people to move more The Persistence network has reached another major milestone: 1 million on-chain transactions StaFi Protocol shares its roadmap for the second quarter of 2022 Hear about the Zilliqa vision, its tech and commercial ambitions, & meet new team members on April 14 Akash now listed on The 1inch Wallet for Android released And much more! Top 10 Crypto Assets by Staked Value Source: Staking Rewards Proof-of-Stake Networks’ Updates

Check out our recently-published ‘Defi in Ether’ — biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.50 full of news from the ecosystem: $76B in DeFi, Gnosis Chain upgrade on April 20, Index Coop introduces icETH, Alchemix’s new alETH products detailed, Yearn leads the way on ERC-4626 adoption, The 1inch Wallet for Android released, veBAL is live, Polynomial Earn launched, and much more!

Polkadot Staking Update: March 2022 Congratulations to Phala Network on winning Polkadot’s 13th auction! Phala was immediately onboarded over the weekend, during lease 7, bringing their privacy-preserving cloud computing service to Polkadot. Over 1.6 network stakeholders locked up DOT in favor Unique Network has won the most recent parachain slot auction and will onboard in Lease Period 8. After winning Kusama’s 30th auction, Turing Network will be onboarded as its 32nd parachain (plus Statemine & Encointer). Currently, an anonymous, non-crowdloaned bidder is in the lead of the current parachain slot auction, but Listen Network was also in the lead during the Ending Period. Referendum 184, to upgrade Statemine to runtime v800, has been passed and executed. Polkadot’s parachain auction schedule has been decided for the rest of the year after Motion 158 was passed. Find the new schedule here. Polkadot is a sponsor of Paris Blockchain Week Summit. On April 13th-14th, don’t miss your chance to learn all things Polkadot, as well as meet people from the Polkadot ecosystem. The Polkadot and Kusama Network ecosystem builders are coming together in Amsterdam on April 20–24 for a hack and conference organized by the Dotsama builder community. Polkadot Decoded returns on 29–30 June this year. Polkadot Decoded community voting is open. Who do you want to hear from at the conference? Choose talks and topics from almost 300 submissions for four different locations, and help curate the final program. Vote now to support your favorites. Interested in building on Polkadot? The six-month Web3.0 Bootcamp will consist of a cohort of 12 teams in Shanghai starting in May 2022. More info and application here. ICYMI, tune in to Polkadot’s April Community Call:

Feel free to read our latest biweekly report on the Polkadot ecosystem vol.34: Phala Network won 13 Polkadot parachain slot auction, Unique Network is in the lead of the current parachain slot auction, Turing Network will be onboarded as Kusama’s 32nd parachain, Acala integrates with Wormhole, Composable Finance raises over $32M, CLV is now launching CLV Chain EVM, The Dock Bridge is coming soon, and much more!

Kevin Smith Launches New Film “KillRoy Was Here” with Legendao and Secret Network: Director Kevin Smith Makes History in Film-NFT Rights Acquisition Deal, Distributing New Film “KillRoy Was Here” with Legendao, Powered by Secret Network. Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap — April Update: March’s new launches included two liquid staking Dapps, the first P2E gaming event in the network, and new features from Stashh and Alter. Learn which new apps are joining Secret in April. Secret Network Ecosystem Update: March 2022: March saw the unveiling of massive scaling improvements to Secret Network, new apps like Legendao and Hydro, new wallets like Starshell, new exchanges, new airdrops, and much more. Secret Feature: ALTER 2022 Roadmap: A new Secret Feature shows off the ALTER 2022 roadmap, featuring peer-to-peer messaging, private group chats, address book features, and more — powered by Secret Network.

Gnosis Chain Weekly · 8 April, 2022: Network upgrade, incentives, deployments and more.

Introducing Yearn’s Newest and Most Powerful Vault: Curve Rocket Pool vault is live, and you can earn ETH staking rewards on 2 sides of a Curve Finance pool with Rocket Pool ETH (rETH) and Lido stETH (wstETH). Talking Strategies with Facu at ETHDubai Joining the Yearn DAO: Onboarding How Yearn Uses Tenderly Yearn Contributors YFI Boarding School Vaults at Yearn Ecosystem News The 1inch Wallet for Android released: This version of 1inch’s popular mobile wallet enables Android users to take advantage of convenient token swaps at the most competitive rates, as well as other functionality.

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