Starting a new project and looking to grow a community!


Hey all! I've recently started working on a utility project for Ethereum, and I'm hoping to get some feedback and garner some community interest!

The Project:

The Social Commitment Protocol - A Brief Introduction

The Social Commitment Protocol (SCP) is a smart contract protocol build to facilitate and enforce commitments made by individuals and organizations. A commitment, as defined, is an agreement to pledge or do something in the future. The Social Commitment Protocol allows for programmatic creation, enforcement, and customization of any form of commitment.

What is Possible with the Social Commitment Protocol?

There are many ways to implement commitments and build apps on of the protocol, but I have compiled some of my favorites:

  • Task and Todo tracking apps that allow users to put down ‘collateral’ on their commitments and incentivize themselves to be more productive.
  • Social apps that allow goals and commitments to be shared with friends, with credit systems in place to reward users for high achievement and proving to the protocol that commitments have been completed
  • Public accountability systems for public-figures or organizations to officiate their commitments/promises

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If any of this sounds interesting, please help me establish and grow a community by giving the project a star on Github, and join the discord server!

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