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Stake SNX on the Optimistic Ethereum L2 testnet!

Synthetix is extremely excited to share the first phase of our transition to Optimistic Ethereum, a layer two scalability solution for Ethereum!

This first phase is an incentivised testnet to trial SNX staking on Optimistic Ethereum (which is the OVM + Optimistic Rollup — you can read their announcement here). It’s aimed at SNX stakers with smaller balances, who may have been priced out of participating in staking in recent months due to high gas prices.

This is a huge milestone for Synthetix, Optimistic Ethereum, and indeed the entire Ethereum space. Optimistic Ethereum is the only generalised Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, ‘generalised’ meaning it doesn’t require specific functionality to be built to support existing L1 protocols. Launching SNX staking on OE is a crucial step towards full scalability for the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem, truly allowing anyone around the world access to open financial infrastructure without the friction of high gas costs.

How it works

This initiative will provide eligible SNX stakers with a snapshot of their SNX balance on Optimistic Ethereum’s L2 testnet which they can use to stake (and mint and burn sUSD) and claim staking rewards. The synthetixDAO will provide 50,000 SNX per week for 4 weeks as staking rewards for participating in the Optimistic Ethereum testnet. These rewards will be claimable on L2 mainnet at launch, and are allocated as per the usual L1 staking rules — they are allocated according to each staker’s debt percentage at the weekly snapshots at the end of each fee period.

At the end of the testnet trial, L2 stakers’ testnet L2 SNX rewards will be airdropped onto mainnet L2. However, they will not receive their initial testnet L2 SNX balance that was based on their L1 SNX balance, but like all L1 SNX stakers they will have the option of migrating over to L2 mainnet.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to participate in this initiative, address...

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