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🚀Spherum is a ground-breaking experiment for reaching the high APY with Yield Farming.🚀

[The protocol is designed]( to reward the early adopters and make the price growth exponential. To ensure sustainability of the project and fair treatment for all participants, a three days as lockup period will be applied to staking, after which the unstake and claim the reward functions will become available. The bigger risk you take in the beginning, the more you will be rewarded. What you see is what you get: there is no premine, no admin minting powers, and no backdoors.
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Trump or Biden? It Doesn’t Matter To Crypto

Strange as it may seem, the cryptocurrency markets couldn’t care less who wins the White House. Or the Senate. Or the US House of Representatives.
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Governance issues for MakerDAO

As reported on the official MakerDAO blog, there were some governance issues during the last vote. The community voted to increase the surplus buffer.