Spectiv: Virtual Reality Streaming + Attention Token

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Spectiv: VR Streaming + Attention Token Spectiv

Spectiv is a community-driven virtual reality streaming platform supported by a unique ERC20 token. Signal Tokens (Sigs) will be sold for $0.50 each through a crowdsale with early engagement bonus opportunities. The Spectiv crowdsale will be hosted on the Spectiv site: www.spectivvr.com. The crowdsale will begin on August 14th and run through September 4th.

Virtual Reality Streaming

The potential for virtual reality is endless, with applications ranging from space science to immersive gaming and even medicine. It’s hard not to get swept up in all the sci-fi fantasies and exciting possibilities. However, this sometimes makes the industry intimidating for the average person. At Spectiv, we want to focus on the simplest, most relatable application of VR: sharing human experiences — whether it’s a walk through a peaceful town in Italy or a deep-sea dive in the Bahamas. Spectiv is a dedicated platform where users can stream their VR video experiences to the world, and where others can enjoy those experiences from the comfort of home.

VR Industry

With the growing development of virtual reality, the world is beginning to see previously unreal possibilities become commercial realities. Many are speculating VR to be the next revolutionary tech boom. As a result:

The VR industry is projected to grow from $1 billion in 2016 to more than $30 billion by 2020Physical VR technologies (headsets, cameras, etc.) are developing and scaling rapidlyEmerging VR platforms and services are positioned to complement this growth *Note the large projected marketshare for smartphone-powered VR headsets

The future of VR lies in the rate of mainstream adoption. Scalable hardware technologies (like smartphone-powered VR headsets) will act as the catalyst in introducing VR to mass markets. We aim to giving substance to these technologies through a dedicated, community-driven streaming platform. We will support a VR network around this platform through our token: Sigs.

Attention Markets & Signal Tokens (Sigs) Attention Markets

To understand Spectiv’s Signal Token (Sigs), one must understand attention markets and the role that content curators play in the exchange of attention. There are four main actors in attention markets:

Advertisers (Attention Seekers)Content Contributors (Attention Attractors)Viewers (Attention Givers)Content Curators (Attention Influencers)

Content contributors create content; the greater the quality of their content, the more viewer attention they attract. This attention is valuable to advertisers, who are often willing to pay for it. In many models, advertisers pay content contributors for a share of their viewer attention.

However, this simple model has been disrupted by major internet and technological developments over the past several years. Today, it is much easier to create and access content online than ever before. This has lead to an overwhelming surplus of information which general viewers have no desire to sort through. As a result, these viewers are beginning to shift their attention away from content creators and are instead paying their attention to content curators: those who filter, organize, and share content catered to their unique followings. These content curators have become a new actor in the exchange of attention: signal generators.

By generating signals (shares, reposts, retweets, likes, etc.), these curators filter content for their network of followers and actively drive viewer attention to the content they signal. In other words, by generating signals, content curators have become central influencers in the exchange of online attention.

Signal Tokens (Sigs): VR Attention Token

Sigs are an ERC20 token that will be used to generate unique signals to virtual reality content. The Sigs protocol will support a network for the exchange of VR attention. Individuals who use Sigs will be able to earn returns for successfully driving attention to VR content, creating a powerful incentive to share quality VR media. In doing this, Sigs will serve as an attention product which inherently incentivizes holders to accelerate mainstream VR adoption.

As VR adoption grows, the pool of available attention that individuals can drive to VR content (and the returns they can earn per signal) will grow as well. This means the utility value of a Sig to a signal generator increases proportionately with VR adoption. This attributes an inherently growing market value to Sigs, assuming future growth of the VR industry.

How Sigs Work

Users will be able to deploy a Sig into a Spectiv VR video. This will generate the user a unique URL signal link to that video. This link will track all the attention driven through it and will associate that attention with the user who created/shared the link. This user will earn a return of Sigs based on how many views they drove to that video.

Users must deploy a Sig into a VR video for the opportunity to earn Sig returns on that video. This essentially acts as an investment or “cost of doing business.” If the user can drive enough attention to that video, they will earn Sig returns in excess of the Sig they originally invested. On the other hand, if they don’t drive enough attention, they might sustain a loss on that invested Sig.


Let’s say Bob has 10,000 Twitter followers and he deploys a Sig into a Spectiv VR video. This will generate a URL signal link to that video which is unique to Bob. Sigs are currently priced at $0.50, which means it cost Bob $0.50 to generate this link. If Bob tweets the link out to his followers and drives 1,000 views to the video, this level of attention might earn him $1.50 in Sig returns. This means Bob profited $1.00 on the $0.50 Sig he originally deployed.

As his follower base grows, Bob will have a larger pool of attention which he can drive to shared content, and will earn more Sigs per signal generated. This allows Bob to scale up the value of his Sig deployments by accumulating more followers.

Spectiv Mission

Our platform focuses on the simplest, most welcoming VR application: streaming real-life experiences. This is the most relatable use of VR technology, as it takes an already adopted mainstream activity — video streaming — and simply presents it a new way.

Our VR attention token, Sigs, will incentivize online influencers to generate signals to VR video content. By driving attention to Spectiv content, we are introducing and directing the world to a gateway of VR adoption.

Our mission is to support a large-scale VR network and community.