Some Problems That Might Occur for a Project Developing Their Marketplace & a EVM Compaitble Solution


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As a project that has developed a marketplace ourselves, here are some common mistakes and problems we found that a project might encounter when developing its own marketplace.

User has to often jump around dApps on Mobile for the purchasing action, no In-App-Wallet allows users to stay in a blockchain app for the whole transaction process, this really compromises the whole user experience and stands in the way of more purchasing actions.

Spend a lot of time figuring out smart contracts. And no time for actually designing the application itself. This is a bigger problem especially when the team size of a project is small. Sometimes even basic functions take a long time to develop just so everything is going on smoothly. It would be quite time-consuming to build a Marketplace from the ground up, which really took a lot of effort. This is especially true if you are developing an EVM project, there’s always something that needs to be fixed.

Using third-party Marketplaces instead. This could cause customer loss on the way. You can’t decide which NFT project you want to show in your MarketPlace, and your customer’s attention would often be taken away from you by browsing through other NFT or GameFi projects’ NFTs. This could also lead to your lack of control over your data, you would not be able to have access to the most immediate data and manipulate the variables in the most timely manner. If you are in a more time-sensitive situation like your project pre-sale or official launch, lack of data would be a big problem if you can adjust things well.

To better address these problems, we developed an SDK Platform to speed up the whole process for developers:

Smart Marketplace can help with…

  • Building a better NFT MarketPlace, especially for mobile:
  • No more jumping around dApps on Mobile, In-App-Wallet allows users to stay in your dApps for the whole transaction process
  • No more customer loss on the way. You decide which NFT project you want to show in your MarketPlace
  • You decide what your Market Place looks like, make it the best fit for your projects

Having a better developing experience, focus more on the product itself:

  • Fast Zero-code UI with detailed instructions to guide you through all the steps needed
  • No more figuring out smart contracts. Zero Knowledge is needed for that, just plug in and use
  • Data monitoring. Find out what's right and wrong, and improve your project with data ready-to-hand
  • UI dashboard, customize your Marketplace UI in one click, along with the open source storefront, for some more delicate changes if needed
  • Easy-to-use and fast experience, saving huge amounts of time in developing and maintaining
  • Soon-to-be EVM Compatible, just in a few weeks!

If you haven’t tried out our SDK Platform, feel free to use the free SDK Platform to explore your ideas here: