So many setbacks and delays, but we’re finally here. This feels surreal. I’m proud of how Ethereum shaped up

17D Ago
The well-awaited Ethereum merge into the beacon chain has finally been fully executed. These developments take so much time and precision especially when billions of dollars are on the line so this transition took a fair amount of time, but I seriously can’t believe that we’re finally only hours away. I honestly can’t wait to see what the new PoS model will have in store for Ethereum and its community as a whole. I’m expecting to see A LOT more companies and institutions start integrating their businesses into the Web3 space especially now that power consumption will decrease drastically. We already saw major companies like Facebook, Disney, Coca Cola, Instagram, Starbucks, Stripe, and many many more build on Ethereum through L2s like Polygon. But with the merge at play now, we’ll start seeing way more of such activities as the merge will be the first step in making Ethereum more scalable as danksharding starts getting developed. And this is MAJOR news for Ethereum as it will definitely help push it into the mainstream since building anything on it will slowly but surely become easier and way less expensive. Ethereum being way more eco-friendly is also a bonus and will attract more and more eco-aware companies to build on it. There will always be doubters and people who won’t agree with the merge, but the same thing happened before and we all saw how Vitalik and the rest of the team did a great job at providing the best for the community even during a time of hardship. Ethereum has stood the test of time for now and I’m really happy with how far we’ve all come as a community. I don’t think any other blockchain has caused this much of an impact on the market and I think that we’re only getting started from now on.