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SlowBurn - Game theory experiment with 1.2x gains per day!

Introducing SlowBurn - a fun game theory experiment with a token designed to maximize short term gains. Inspired by the developer's ill-fated investment in a shitty shitcoin (did I mention it was shit?), SlowBurn will also have no value long term, but instead of a mad pump and dump scramble post launch, SlowBurn should steadily increase in value over a few weeks or even a month. Get in, make your gains, and get out before the token collapses! How does it work: * Initial presale period of 1 week, with a hard cap of 200 ether, and a limit of 1 ether's worth of tokens per address. * Once presale ends, all the ether plus a corresponding amount of SlowBurn tokens will be provided as liquidity to a uniswap pool. * Once per day, anyone can call SlowBurn's maybeReprice() function. This will modify the uniswap pool's token balance in order to give a 20% price increase from the previous day. Potential Gains: * 1 day: 1.2x * 1 week: 3.6x * 1 month: 237x **IMPORTANT - Although SlowBurn's value will increase by 20% each day, the price is only meaningful if sufficient liquidity exists at the uniswap pool to convert your holdings into ether. At some point the ether reserves will be drained and the token will become essentially worthless. If you don't understand this point, please do not invest.** The unique feature of SlowBurn is the guaranteed daily price increase. We expect this should provide very strong sell resistance as why sell today when you can sell tomorrow at a 20% higher price? More info: []( Telegram group: [](
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