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Simple, Functional, Open: What Blockchain Can Learn from Burner Wallet

Simple, Functional, Open: What Blockchain Can Learn from Burner Wallet

How this simple tool built on a layover on the way to Devcon has major implications for blockchain adoption.

At Ethereal Summit NY recently, scores of hungry blockchain enthusiasts lined up at food trucks serving shawarma wraps and pizza after a day spent learning about the latest in decentralization and Ethereum. Notably absent from the scene, however, were those quintessential elements of a fiat economy: credit cards and cash. Instead, the hundreds of attendees paid for their meals with cryptocurrency via a QR code on their phones, made possible by an ingenious little widget called Burner Wallet that ran right in their mobile web browser.

Created by Ethereum R&D impresario Austin Griffith, Burner Wallet is a remarkable example of how much can be achieved with the most accessible implementation of blockchain technology. It’s simple, it’s functional, and it’s open source, meaning that any event or gathering in the world can utilize Burner Wallet as a Point of Sale methodology for free, and easily onboard visitors into the blockchain ecosystem with minimal fuss.

Here’s how it works…

We chatted with Burner Wallet creator Austin Griffith about how the project came to fruition, lessons that can be learned from the process, and what it means for blockchain adoption…

How did you come to the idea for a Burner Wallet?

I got into this space building games, and then I realized that no one could come play my games because the on-boarding was so challenging. So then I spent my time exploring how to abstract away gas and the need for ETH, having a better UX. I was building this wallet to meet a standard on which users can just get in and use it first, then everything else can be taught as you’re incentivized to learn, instead of upfront, where you have to download something and put in a seed phrase.

I was just playing around with the wallet idea at...

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