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Should I sell now?

I am noob in this. I didn't invest what I couldn't afford to lose but in times like this some gains would be nice and I wouldn't mind at all getting my investment back. I am very nervous about this bull run and the idea of the price dropping quickly gives me anxiety. Please don't attack me in this post, I only ask for a respectful discussion about the state of this bull run and if now it's likely that ETH won't it 600usd and it would be safer to sell with some gains. The other option is that it's more likely that the price will hit 600usd. It's probably impossible to answer this, but I would appreciate opinions on the topic. Thank you ☺️
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Hamster-powered marble races come to Ethereum

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Pizza Hut now accepts crypto payments

The news about the well-known restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, which has started to accept several cryptocurrencies in all its premises in Venezuela.
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Yearn Finance Merges DeFi

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