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Sharding 103 - A Question of Control: Blockchain deals with events that are impossible to Ctrl+Z out of due to its distributed and decentralized nature.

Sharding 103 - A Question of Control

Community-based, committee-led Proof-of-Stake blockchain is one of the purest forms of democracy. Leaders are elected by the community with checks and balances to ensure they toe the path of the people, by the people, and for the people. Sharding makes it all the better by partitioning and giving each partition autonomy, but who is watching the watcher?

The Art of Knowing

When dealing with events that cannot be undone after committing them, knowing everything and anything at any and all time is important to their successful execution.

Blockchain deals with events that are impossible to Ctrl+Z out of due to its distributed and decentralized nature.

Consensus has to be reached amongst 51% or ⅔ of the network participants, invariably leading to a fork. Sharding compounds this problem by a factor of ten.

With every shard boasting of its own sovereign ecosystem, a fork — accidental or malicious — can have disastrous and unintended consequences for the entire network.

Suddenly, there are two King Louis XIV in the ballroom laying claims to the throne and vying for your sworn allegiance. Meanwhile, emissaries from other shards keep arriving to give and receive tributes — but to which king?

A mediator, or more aptly, someone who does not only possess the genealogy of the kings but also the chronology of the emissaries is the only entity capable of resolving the crisis with minimal friction. However, for such an entity to exist at that moment, they either would have known the exact moment the crisis would erupt or is omniscient.

Therein lies the beauty of a Control Chain.

Watching the Watcher

A Control Chain, also known as Beacon Chain for the Ethereum Community, is a shard that manages the network. It manages consensus and voting rules, the formation of committees, validators and the rewards and penalties applicable to them, assets staked on the network, and registering...

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