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Shaken to the core – Core cards & the Marketplace

To date, our fortnightly Marketplace analysis articles haven’t focused on Core cards,  (something we’ll adjust going forward), so we felt like it would be a great time to delve into the early data relating to Gods Unchained’s play-to-earn economy brought about by the launch of Flux.

More core to explore

In this article, we’re going to look at two different aspects of Core cards: 

We’ll examine the best-performing ladder cards from the last 30 days, courtesy of CardsUnchained data, and Core card performance on the Official Marketplace in recent weeks 

To avoid burying the lead, Neutrals, Light and Magic cards are on top on the Core Marketplace, though the winningest cards across the last thirty days feature a smattering of War and Nature in a sea of Neutrals. Of course, this is understandable: since Neutral cards can be used across each and every domain, they are expected to show up more often in the overall game data. 

Veteran Archer

With that in mind, it was somewhat surprising to see that only a quarter of the week 15 Official Marketplace top 20 cards were neutrals when they made up half of the same bracket when I searched by ladder performance.

Official Marketplace Top 20 Core Cards

The week 15 Official Marketplace data shows Light’s Levy on top of the Core marketplace, a key part in a multitude of strong Light decks in the metagame and also one of the highest-ranking cards in the CardsUnchained database as well (number 19 at the time of writing, having dropped from #8). 

Light’s Levy

Skeleton Heavy is in hot pursuit at number two – are we ever surprised by its presence anymore? – and Wyrmbreath rounding out the podium. The three top core cards on the Marketplace serve as a good snapshot of the rest of the top twenty as well: Light, Neutral and Magic make up most of the list, (four, five and five cards each respectively, almost three-quarters of the top twenty) with War and Deception getting only two entrie...

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