SCAM alert! Beware of the new ETHW and ETHPoW coins created on the main Ethereum POS chain.

19D Ago
TLD: Pairs containing ETHW or ETHPoW at DEXs like Uniswap are likely to be scams. The core devs of Ethereum are moving away from the POW chain to the POS chain, but that doesn't mean that the POW chain has to die. With this in mind the new POW chain will have the token renamed to ETHW or ETHPoW. The POS chain will keep the ETH name for its token. BUT, I'm seeing tons of ETHW and ETHPoW created on the POS chain, meaning that these are likely to be scams. These are already trading in Uniswap and other Dex and I'm 99% sure they are scams. For these not to be scams will have to be backed from some sort of bridge between the two chains which is unlikely to exist today considering that the fork has happened just now and the old POW chain is under reorganisation (or not). You can find all this scammy new pairs by typing ETHW in [this CMC site](