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Saw a girl wearing POW tshirt today...

...and i thought, pfft, dont they realise PoS is the future. Then i realised i think too much about blockchain!
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Luggage Crowdsurance

The luggage crowdsurance product is TokenCrowdsurance NFT721SmartToken. To build a decentralised financial product we need to use the non fungible token standard ERC721 but as each token it has its鈥
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How to Predict and Price Exchange Bankruptcy Risk

The dominant use case for crypto assets is trading. With over $10B of volume exchanged each day, no other application can compete with trading鈥檚 overwhelming popularity. Traders include individuals鈥
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Rublix Token Generation Sold Out

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community we are pleased to announce that we have officially reached our hardcap goal and have completely sold out our token generation event! Although our鈥