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Rotki, the portfolio tracker that protects your privacy, releases v1.8.3 with metamask import, xpub support and more!


Rotki v1.8.3 is a quick patch release to fix some issues seen with v1.8.2 that were affecting a subset of our users. It contains 31 commits all made within the last 2 days.

It mainly fixes:

Rotki can now again run in MacOS versions lowers than Catalina Fixes related to bitcoin xpubs

For the actual changelog since v1.8.1 check out the horde of new features introduced in v1.8.2

For more information check the detailed changelog below 馃憞


Upgrade is highly recommended. Choose your binary from below:

New Features #1642 Force pull/push buttons for premium sync are now accessible in the floppy disk icon on the toolbar. Bug Fixes #1639 Native segwit xpubs will now properly query and display the balances of their derived addresses. Rotki switched to using blockstream's API instead of blockcypher for native segwit addresses. #1638 Balances displayed in dashboard cards should now be properly sorted by value in descending order. If the DB has not been uploaded in this run of Rotki, the last upload time indicator now shows the last time data was uploaded and not "Never". #1641 Rotki only accepts derivation paths in the form of m/X/Y/Z... where X, Y and Z are integers. Anything else is not processable and invalid. We now check that the given path is valid and reject the addition if not. Also the DB is upgraded and any xpubs with such invalid derivation path are automatically deleted. #1637 Loading ethereum transactions on the UI should work properly again now Newly supported assets

Added support for the following assets:

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