Rocket Pool — Bring out your nodes

1M Ago

Rocket Pool — Bring out your nodes

Hello Rocket Poolers! With the merge just around the corner, we’ve decided to have a little bit of tongue-in-cheek fun leading up to it. Inspired by Superphiz’s recent #stakefromhome campaign and our motto that “anyone can be a node operator”, we want to keep that ball rolling and show the world how diversified + decentralised staking on Ethereum can be. So bring out your node, have some fun and maybe win some RPL and POAPs doing it!

The Competition

We’ll be awarding RPL and POAPs across 8 categories, each one and their prize detailed below. The competition starts now and will run for two weeks with it concluding on September 14th 00:00 UTC. We will then decide the winners and post those a week later on September 21st 00:00 UTC. Winners will need to “validate” their submission, if it all checks out, they win!

How to Enter

We want to see your node! Be it huge, tiny, old, dusty or anything in between, doesn’t matter. Post a photo of your staking node on twitter and use the tag #bringoutyournodes in the post! If you want to make your node stand out, we encourage dressing it up should you want to.

We are not restricting this to Rocket Pool node operators either, if you’re a solo staker or even a large scale SaaS provider, feel free to submit as well, though if you’re the latter, you might not want to get chosen as the winner in some of these categories :)

The Categories

Each of the categories below has its own individual POAP that will be given to the chosen winners and to top that off, there is also an RPL prize valued in USD that will be given for each as well. Not too shabby!

Category 1

You can’t quite put your finger on it… maybe it’s the load bearing power board placement, the “glowing” power adapter that’s clearly meant for another device or the fact this setup has more cables than a small telecommunication company. But whatever it is, this node appears to have a non-zero chance of starting some kind of electrical fire more likely sooner, than later.

Prize: 1 x POAP + $200 RPL

Category 2

If your goto solution to missing attestations is to grab another roll of duct tape, you might be a front runner for this category. We’re not sure how and you probably aren’t either, but this node is actually not only working, but somehow staking.

Prize: 1 x POAP + $200 RPL

Category 3

If your node requires a hand crank to boot up or has more dust on it than the contents of a dozen museums combined, you could be a shoe in for this one. It might have taken a full year to sync Geth and the beacon chain, but you’re now ready for the merge!

Prize: 1 x POAP + $200 RPL

Category 4

When RGB is a lifestyle, not just a hobby. Your node is single handily responsible for blinding more people than the sun, requires a welding mask for eye protection when handling it and makes astronomy impossible at night in your town.

Prize: 1 x POAP + $200 RPL

Category 5

Your node is located on a remote island and powered by chicken butts or something equally impressive/ludicrous. That’s pretty much it.

Prize: 1 x POAP + $200 RPL

Category 6

It’s so unremarkable and boring that paint watches it dry.. wait. Well whatever this category is about, the node that wins it should be so boring you’ve stopped reading this already. That doesn’t make sense either and neither does this category or your node. If a cardboard box had a personality, your node would have it.

Prize: 1 x POAP + $200 RPL

Category 7

Words can’t describe this node adequately, it sits on a god level tier of staking. You might be running a 1,000 validators on it, but you’re never worried about power outages with a UPS that rivals a small nuclear plant and network connectivity which puts several countries to shame.

Prize: 1 x POAP + $200 RPL

Category 8

As we always say at Rocket Pool, anyone can be a node operator. Running your node in grandma’s basement on a laptop? Got a Raspberry Pi cranking out attestations from work? This category is open to any and everyone who submits a picture of their node!

Prize: 3 x POAP + 3x $150 RPL

Questions or just say hello!

Well 7.2 points to you for making it this far! If you have questions, feedback, bug reports or want to know a bit more about us, why not swing by for a chat and say G’day! You can view our website or have a chat with us in our Discord chat room that anyone can join. If chat rooms aren’t your thing, we’re also on Twitter!

About Rocket Pool

Rocket Pool is Ethereum’s most decentralised liquid staking protocol. Its 1,400+ worldwide node operators have staked over 200,000 ETH representing over 1.5% of all Ethereum staked.

Liquid stakers can participate by depositing as little as 0.01 ETH to receive the rETH liquid staking token. Rocket Pool is a fully non-custodial solution, and its node operators are economically-aligned to perform well for stakers.

Joining as a node operator is fully permissionless and requires just 16 ETH (instead 32). A boosted ROI is provided from both operator commission plus RPL rewards. For more information check out our node operator guide.

The Rocket Pool team have been in the staking space since its inception in 2016, which gives them a pedigree and track record without peer.

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