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Request Network Dev Update 2017.09.20: Philosophy and Architecture

Here is our first dev update, it might be a little long and I apologize for this, there is a couple of things I wanted to say.


First point is about our philosophy even if we think most people here share the same. We believe in open sourcing, we think what happened following the release of Bitcoin and all the forks was a good thing which allows the ecosystem as a whole to grow faster and better. In that sense, we will publish most of our work as soon as it can help others.

We are also using a lot of code provided by other projects and would like to thank them, including 0x, Kyber, Gnosis, Open Zeppelin and Civic. We are still amazed by how available are the devs from other projects and how good the collaboration can be.

State of the art: Where we are

We have specified and developed the architecture of the Request Network.

Here is what it looks like.

High level view of the smart contracts. The core is registering all the Requests, and is administrable which allows update and pause. There is only one core, the core can allow subcontracts to manage each currency. Each subcontract manages the creation and interaction with the request for a specific currency. Some subcontracts are synchronous, while other interact with an oracle (for Fiat currencies for example) Here are the details of a currency subcontract. The subcontract interacts with different extensions that can be chosen by the creator of the request.

The Core smart contract, the Ethereum smart contract and the Escrow extension are ready (not audited yet) and here is a view of the code:

Also we released our interface for extensions so developers will soon be able to add their own (the documentation will soon be released)


One of the interesting point we have been facing like many other projects on Ethereum is how to optimise gas cost, speed and privacy.

When d...

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