Redditor & Reshitter and Decentralizationer & Decentralizashitter


Redditor & Reshitter and Decentralizationer & Decentralizashitter

I recently posted an article on r/btc. It was written in terms of pure idea disclosure without commercial purpose. I was worried about Reshitters, but I still took courage and posted it. The result was undoubtedly a complete victory for Reshitters.

It's been about three months since I came into Reddit. So I went through a lot of trial and error while posting. It took a considerable amount of time to realize that Reddit has so many Reshitters as well as Redditors. In particular, I have only recently realized that the whole atmosphere of Reddit is dominated by the Reshitters. This is very similar to China's public opinion being led by the wǔmáo dǎng(五毛党, 50 Cent Party), which are less than 1% of the population.

In fact, this may be a well-known problem for subreddit's moderators and even the board members of Reddit's headquarters. They just don't have the right way to deal with it. This is also responsible for normal Redditors. After reading an article, I think it is right for them to participate in the vote unconditionally. At least, it is desirable to arrange a middle vote button and make sure to click mandatory. This is because the current Reddit is led by the votes of the Reshitters, and as a result, it is the most crucial cause of lowering the level of Reddit. And this is something that I should reflect on first. I'm not doing the vote either.

The same is true of decentralization. Decentralization is a neutral thing. Neither good nor evil in itself. It can be good or evil depending on its use. However, Reshitters unconditionally shout decentralization as if it were an absolute good. As a result, opinions critical of decentralization are downloaded unconditionally regardless of the quality of the article. And their downvote leads the public opinion of the subreddit. This is a phenomenon that occurs not only here but also in all subreddits.

If decentralization is carried out unconditionally, shitters will make a fuss. For example, the intention of the developer of Tornado Cach can be guessed that he was heading for evil rather than good. Tornado Cash was developed in the expectation that it would be a great tool for tax evasion and money laundering, and that they could make big money through it.

If they are not Decentralizashitters but normal Decentralizationers, they should consider the impact of the solution they develop on this society. Thus, for the shitters not to make a fuss of society Tornado Cash should have been equipped with additional means to prevent society from being littered with shits. If the installation was not possible, it should not be released.

Nuclear power becomes energy when used under control and becomes a disaster when it is out of control. The call for unconditional neglect of the decentralization is nothing more than a call for Kim Jong-un and Iran to neglect its nuclear development and liberalize drug imports from Colombia. Drugs can also be used as a useful painkiller in some cases. However, Reshitters argue that drugs should be liberalized, and they downvote postings against them. And their arguments become an eco-chamber and lead the subreddit. Normal posting is not possible in these places.

From now on, I plan to create another dedicated account to deal with Reshitters. This can't be helped because I have to manage karma. Because there are times when I have to say what's in conscience. This will be understood not by moderashitters but by moderators.

When it comes to freedom of speech, it is Reddit that has the least freedom. This is the place where the American wǔmáo dǎng live together. China's wǔmáo dǎng is the Communist Party's centralized wǔmáo dǎng, while Reddit's is a decentralized wǔmáo dǎng.

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while Reddit's wǔmáo dǎng is a decentralized wǔmáo dǎng. > while Reddit's wǔmáo dǎng is a decentralized wǔmáo dǎng.