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Raoul Pal on Twitter: Crypto Bomb: Ok, I'm leaking some GMI early (not published yet - tomorrow a.m.) I will eventually publish in Real Vision too (this article only). I push back strongly the Pfeffer view and the "shitcoin" view. It's all Metcalfe's Law, baby... and ETH = BTC, like it or not

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New Partnership: YfDFI Finance x Crust Network

In this article we will look at our new partnership with Crust Network, discuss why have we chosen Crust and how they will add value to our ecosystem. Secure and rapid data storage is one of the most…
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What is Copy Trading?

If their actions lead to success, you can replicate them and make a profit as well, with no specific knowledge and experience. This, in short, is the main principle of Copy Trading. The strategy…
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Bitcoin vs Ethereum: Third week of January 2021

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have started the new year by hitting new all-time highs Bitcoin more than doubled its 2017 record, although it saw a sharp drop afterwards As for Ethereum, it breached its ow...
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DAO stake tutorial - LP liquidity pool

  Hello, today I will show you how to stack your SDT. This tutorial is more beginner oriented. First of all you go to the stake DAO site (you can go through Coingecko to be sure you are on the right s...