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Quantstamp: A Superior Token Sale Model

Quantstamp: a Superior Token Sale Process

We’re all tired of seeing the huge numbers of shills that accompany every ICO these days. They’re either paid marketers or ICO “flippers” — who could care less what happens to the project — or other contributors — down the line.

So it was very refreshing when we came across Quantstamp, a protocol for securing smart contracts , which is holding a token sale in November. The Quantstamp team, led by CEO Richard Ma, is keeping the hype low and instead encouraging contributors to help out organically, through an innovative approach called “Proof-Of-Caring”.

What is Quantstamp?

Quantstamp is the first scalable security-audit protocol designed to find vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. It enables scalable, automated auditing of the millions of smart contract built on Ethereum, and later other blockchains.

The team is stellar: PhDs with industry experience, backed by a powerful blockchain industry advisory board, including Facebook’s Director of Engineering Evan Cheng.

More details can be found Quantstamp’s website at

Why is Proof-Of-Caring?

Proof-of-Caring is anti-marketing. It’s an initiative from the Quantstamp team to ensure they have caring contributors instead of speculators.

The presale will be filled on a rolling basis, based on how much contributors can demonstrate they care about the project. “Show the love by writing a blog post, reaching out to different corners of the internet, reviewing our project, making a quick youtube video or podcast, reviewing the pros and cons of our whitepaper, or by inviting people to join us on telegram and help us build a genuine community.”

“Proof-of-Caring” and Quantstamping is going viral soon! Show that you care by contributing to the Quantstamp token sale!

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