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Public Mint Partners with Abra to Tap Additional Source of Yield for EARN Platform

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Public Mint has joined forces with Abra.

Public Mint and Abra Launch Partnership

Public Mint, the fiat-based blockchain and payments infrastructure, has partnered with Abra, a leading wealth management platform with functionality for buying, selling, trading, and earning interest on cryptocurrencies, to offer lucrative yield opportunities on the EARN program. Public Mint will deploy a portion of the funds allocated to the program to Abra, making it an additional source of yield in the category of CeFi crypto lending partners.

The EARN program, which is slated to launch in Q3, will take both fiat (USD) and stablecoin (USDC) deposits and deploy them across a diversified set of yield-generating opportunities both in decentralized finance protocols and more traditional cryptocurrency lending platforms.

EARN will offer highly competitive earning rates while spreading the risk through a diversified portfolio and a network of reputable partners – both on the earnings and on the insurance side. The idea behind the program is to make these higher earnings easily accessible to everyone, with or without knowledge of cryptocurrencies. The partnership with Abra, a crypto pioneer and one of the most widely recognized names of the industry, represents a major milestone towards the program’s goal.

When staking USD on the EARN program, users receive the corresponding amount in USD+, an earnings-bearing, fully liquid synthetic fiat currency. Earnings accrued are distributed to users as additional USD+, making it simpler to track earnings than similar solutions in DeFi, which are based on tokens with a fluctuating fiat exchange rate.

“Abra is one of the earliest and most trusted brands in cryptocurrency, and we are excited to be partnering with such an established provider to offer a reputable source of earnings to Public Mint users via the EARN program,” said Paulo Rodrigues, CEO of Public Mint. “Our strategy is designed to ...

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