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PSA: Don’t look for diamonds in a dumpster. Avoid shitcoins.

With bZx and Sushi imploding in the same week, it’s time to repeat the lesson everyone should have learned from the ICOpocalypse of 2018: you won’t get rich looking for the next 100x investment in a pile of failing tokens. You don’t need to. ETH is still the best investment in crypto. You don’t have to be a genius. Which is good cause you probably aren’t a genius (did you make it into Mensa? That’s what I thought). So stop thinking you know better. With investing, the answer is usually obvious, even pretty early on. Consider how anyone who bought Apple stock after the launch of iPhone 4 has made over 1000% returns. By the 4th iPhone, it was obvious that Apple was a good investment. The same has been true for Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft. These were all the top players in major industries *before* they made everyone rich. Next time a new coin named after food catches your eye, think of how every $100 you blow on the wrong shitcoin is $5000 you could have made off ETH.
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