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Proposal : NFT Art Flair

*Thank you* /u/carlslarson *,* /u/aminok *,* /u/Tricky_Troll *for engaging in expert guidance and discussions. Hoping now the community could also provide additional feedback to better shape the outcome of this proposal.* **Proposal Name :** NFT Art Flair **Description :** The intent of this proposal is to create a new flair that would allow for posting of NFT art on Ethtrader **Value :** (a) To post NFT art on Ethtrader would cost 500 donuts to burn (b) This proposal would positively impact donut price (c) Quality art can generate 'upvotes' for the individual who posted the art (upvotes = Contrib = donut) (d) Contrib can be shared back with NFT Marketplaces (ex: *rarible* / *opensea )* to display the 'star rating' of an art, voted by ethtrader community. Value for the owner of art would be to leverage the ethrader community votes to attract more attention to the art. **Implementation :** Given dev time required, this proposal wishes to explore low cost means of testing the value of the model. The project will use *aragon / ethtraderdao,* which is currently being used to buy banner and burn donuts. In our case, a user will connect their wallet to *aragon / ethtraderdao :* (i) Detect ownership of NFT art (ii) Choose NFT art that would be posted on ethtrader (iii) Buy / Burn Donut (iv) Post NFT art on ethtrader. For every NFT art posted, user will write transaction id of burned donuts. (v) Ethtrader community will act as a police to ensure every art being posted, comes with a transaction id for donuts being burned. In the future may consider development of something automated, but for now, the community can self police to test the assumptions / MVP. **Ask for community :** This proposal is open for your critique . The intention here is to invite you all to participate in exploration of opportunities that could serve as a novel experimental ground for donuts / ethtrader, which would also bring value to the community, content creators, donut ...
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