[Project] The Bot Shed provides web forms for command-line bots. CEX bots are admittedly powerful but as a community we can do better! Also: your wallet, your tokens, your bot.


Here's the link, she just went live: https://www.botshed.xyz.

I've tried to give developers a way to essentially outsource input validation by including a simple form template in their repo. That way, bots can remain super low-resource command-line applications but a user's experience is still basically graphical.

At the moment there's a limit bot (works with the Binance CEX and EVM-compatible blockchains like Ethereum) and a telegram buy bot (which tbh I just made to demonstrate the botiq library 🤷🏽‍♂️).

A simple alarm bot, a classic grid bot and a DCA bot are coming soon, and then I can start to get more creative! Of course, it's supposed to be a platform for other devs to share their bots too- both crypto and non-crypto related 😉.

in an attempt to move us all away from reliance on CEX bots.

This is actually phase 2 in my long-suffering plan to bring automated strategies to everyone and even the playing field out there. I think it's a very necessary gap to close.

My first attempt, Botchi, was a monolithic bot suite that works but it's complicated to use and its reliance on a GUI makes it terrible for running on a VPS. Plus, the bot designer is fine but programming languages really are our best tools to define logical flows. I figured it's better to focus on devs- I wrote a high-level library called Botiq that makes writing crypto bots pretty easy- and then bridge the gap between developers and end-users with something like The Bot Shed.

Although I haven't used them myself, https://coygo.app/ is a much more powerful platform solving some similar problems, but it runs bots from your browser which... I can't have my laptop on all day! I want bots I can stick on a cheap Linux VPS for $10/year 😅