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Prize draws and the future of play-to-earn

Ever wanted to own a Mythic card? Then the new prize draws are the place for you. In the new season, we’re making important distinctions between prize draws and play-to-earn to get the best out of both going ahead. 

Trial of the Gods is almost here, and with it brings new treasures to be unlocked, earned and won. One of the key avenues for this going ahead will be prize draws, giving mortals a chance to win high-tier Core cards and this season’s Mythic! 

The luck of the prize draw

Prize draws are a way to get a little bit extra from your Trial of the Gods Card Packs. There will be two draws happening across the upcoming season: 

Shadow Draw: The first of two draws and one that will occur during the season. This draw will give mortals the chance to win one of 300 Shadow Core cards, as well as Trial of the Gods trinkets that are exclusive to the prize draws. 

Mythic Draw: The second of the two draws and the main event! This is where the Trial of the Gods Mythic (yet to be revealed) will be up for grabs as well as the last chance to win the limited edition trinkets mentioned above. 

All prizes will now have specific deliverable dates, meaning you won’t have to wait so long to receive the tradable version of your reward as was the case with Genesis rewards. 

Obtaining Draw Tickets

Opening a Trial of the Gods Card Pack will yield Draw Tickets, items that will automatically enter ticket owners into both Trial of the Gods prize draws. Win in the Shadow Draw? And the same ticket will still be valid for the Mythic Draw. Win in both draws with the same ticket? By Thaeriel! Game director Chris Clay will eat his hat.* 

The amount of tickets gained will vary depending on the type of pack being opened, as seen in the graph below (all prices are USD): 

Click to enlarge

One of the above percentages will be activated when opening a pack.

Example 1: When opening a Rare pack you will have 85% chance to re...
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