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Polychain Leads Paradigm Seed Round – Decentralized Relay Protocol

Polychain Leads Paradigm Seed Round Blockchain at Columbia’s VP speaks on Paradigm and its future

Liam Kovatch has been an enormous talent and influence at Blockchain at Columbia. As Vice President, he helped build the organization into a powerhouse in the New York City community and on Columbia University’s campus. After raising a seed round led by Polychain Capital, Liam has taken a leave of absence from school and [email protected] to build Paradigm, a relay protocol for hybrid decentralized settlement logic, moving to San Francisco with his talented team. I sat with Liam to get his perspective on Paradigm’s technology, founding a blockchain startup, the state of crypto, and Blockchain at Columbia’s role in the DLT ecosystem.

Liam, tell us a little about yourself and how you entered the world of distributed ledger technology?

Hi! I’m Liam Kovatch, the founder and CEO of Paradigm. I was first introduced to DLT as a sophomore in high school through my interest in mining Bitcoin as a way to make some quick money. This was early 2014, pre-Ethereum and when DLT was almost exclusively focused on digital currency. After my parents forced me to shutter my mining operation (the electricity bill became outrageous), I largely forgot about blockchain until a friend of mine, Alex, introduced me to Ethereum in early 2015. The idea of a decentralized world computer fascinated me and I started down the rabbit hole.

In high school, I was lucky enough to attend Arizona State University for some upper division math classes where I became interested in number theory and cryptography. As a result, I became fascinated with emerging blockchain technology, as it is essentially applied cryptography. In many cases, I found the low-level theory that underpins DLT to be more fascinating than use cases. As I became more and more interested in blockchain technology, my main interest became research. Naturally, at Paradigm, one of my primary roles is leading our research efforts...

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