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[Poll Proposal] Reduce distribution for comments, reward tip signaling and tipped posts, and some more...

This proposal would represent a significant and experimental change to how contributions are reflected in the monthly $donut and $contrib distribution.   To recap, the current distribution is 5% mods, 15% to community/dev fund, 40% for posts based on reddit score, 40% for comments based on reddit score.   ### Tips are donut-upvotes A **donut-upvote** is a tip, by a registered account >500 governance weight, of any amount, as a reward for any post. Governance weight, *min($contrib, $donut)*, will use a snapshot taken each month that includes unclaimed mainnet $contrib as well as LP staked $donut (xdai and mainnet). Current snapshot [here]( We currently use the donut-upvote to help curate COMEDY posts. This proposal seeks to expand the use of the donut-upvote.   ### Reward posters based on donut-upvotes Donut-upvotes are on-chain (currently xdai), and as such not a black box metric like we get from Reddit - we can dive into who sends the tip. This feature would allow us to rank posts based on donut-upvote metrics, such as the governance weight of the donut-upvoter. This proposal seeks to introduce a new reward based on each post's quadratically ranked donut-upvote score. More precisely, each month a script would compile a list of donut-upvoted (tipped) posts and rank them by the sum of the square roots of the governance weight of their donut-upvoters. 20% of the distribution would be allocated to the original poster, pro-rata of this ranking. In addition, 10% of the distribution would be allocated to donut-upvoters based on participation (not tip amount). For example, you donut-upvoted 10 posts and there were total 1000 donut-upvotes, you would be award 0.01% of the total distribution for that (1% x 10%).   This proposal makes the following changes: - 30% of distribution to posters based on reddit score (reduced from 40%) - 20% of distribution to commenters based on reddit score ...
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