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[Poll Proposal] Change Post/Comment karma weight ratio for distribution

Donut distribution is currently calculated based on post karma (42.75% or 1.72m $DONUT & $CONTRIB per month), comment karma (42.75% or 1.72m $DONUT & $CONTRIB per month), shared between mods (4.5% or 180k $DONUT & $CONTRIB per month), and staking as a Uniswap v2 DONUT/ETH LP (10% or 400k $DONUT/month). This proposal is for a poll to adjust the weighting for post vs comment karma from the current even split to 25/75 (post/comment). If adopted post karma would **reduce** to 21.375%, or 855k of total distributed $DONUT & $CONTRIB, and comment karma would **increase** to 64.125%, or 2.565m of total distributed $DONUT & $CONTRIB. The poll options will be: "Yes, I support changing distribution based on post and comment karma from 42.75% each to 21.375% / 64.125% (post / comment)" or "No" ---------------------------------------- This governance poll proposal will remain up for at least 2 days and will be linked from a comment in the daily as per [governance guidelines]( Also per guidelines, 2 mods to need sign off that the poll is clear, actionable, and non-biased in presentation.
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