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PlutusDeFi partners with Sentinel dVPN to secure off-chain privacy for users

PlutusDeFi partners with Sentinel dVPN to secure off-chain privacy for users

As part of PlutusDeFi’s ongoing development in placing privacy at the forefront of DeFi, we have partnered and entered into a development collaboration with Sentinel dVPN.

Sentinel’s Open Source Decentralised dVPN is an early insurgent into the Virtual Proxy Network field, aiming to solve the main vulnerabilities around centralised VPN services; compromised VPN providers most often through servers being confiscated as they are often in fixed locations. Once these servers are confiscated — banks of user-data are often exposed.

They combat this by having no centralised organisation and no sole owners of the project, opting for being run by a network of expert white-hat programmers and the open-source community.

The Sentinel Network hosts open-source distributed and decentralized applications that provide users with assurance that their session information is not being logged, their communication is not being stored, and that not even the creator of the application can view any of their data

By establishing the PlutusDeFi Sentinel dVPN, platform users session data will be protected. Our dVPN partnership enables connections through the OpenVPN routing protocol, with the provision of wireguard, Tor Service Nodes and other privacy solutions off-chain in the near future. Sentinel will act as base layer off-chain privacy integration for PlutusDeFi’s off-chain privacy requirements.

Users can choose from OpenVPN servers which enforce quantum level encryption standards such as AES 256 or Poly1305. The code behind the Sentinel dVPN is fully revealed to the public on Sentinel’s GitHub profile along with the application MD5 Checksums for absolute provability. Servers are hosted all over the world by the community, for the community. Users can choose the optimal server for the fastest browsing and download speeds.

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