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PlutusDeFi — First ever Microcap Hybrid Bridge-Bonding Curve Listing

PlutusDeFi — First ever Microcap Hybrid Bridge-Bonding Curve Listing We’ve reached our limit!

The past 48 hours have been a huge accomplishment for the team and our supporters! On monday we set out to complete the final private sale round of $500K USD in order to reach our $1 Million USD hard cap.

Since then we have had a flood of interest from some of the largest VC’s in the space, founders of DeFi Projects, media companies and some institutional VC interest.

We can confirm that we have hit $350K of our $500k goal — The first part of the private sale is now closed.

Towards Bridge Bonding Curve Models

We’re announcing that PlutusDefi will carry out the first-ever bridge-bonding curve listing for the remaining 3 million out of 10m million Tokens from the private sale.

This isn’t an ordinary bonding curve style listing. The DeFi space continues to move and advance the technology in weeks worth decades. We want to prove that DeFi projects can use a utility token, if their valuations are reasonable and fair in the current market situation. This underpins a philosophy that aligns everyone to the success of our products and users, not a bank balance.

We have developed the hybrid Bridge-Bonding Curve model, the very first of it’s kind in the blockchain space. We do this by combining the bridge toll model (first piloted by LTO Network) and implementing an exponential price increasing model in the form of the bonding curve model for the last stage of the sale. This will encourage maximum liquidation and penalties should be triggered and incurred by the seed round, thus drastically reducing the total supply permanently within the first month, benefiting the long-term stability of the supply.

This allows smaller DeFI teams raising with a small hard cap and comparable budget to rapidly increase the value of their tokens through rapid deflationary mechanisms, while also allowing token holders to benefit on all sides.


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