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17D Ago
Hello to everyone reading this. First I apologize if my english isn't good, it's not my native tongue. Do not hesitate to ask questions if needed for any reasons, be it comprehension of my problem or anything. Also I have basically 0 knowledge of crypto so please bear with me if I don't fully understand. I recently (6 month ago) got employed in a new company. I'm working as a mechanical engineer (using Catia for those who know the software). I found that the pc was a bit slow sometimes, so with my little knowledge I open the task manager to see what was eating at the ram, processor and all. Discovered that "eth" was installed on the pc (also "xmr", I will post on their subreddit too, and probably on the general crypto sub). I am now contemplating a wallet of "Ethereum" that I don't fully understand. I also discovered that basically 80% of the computer on the company are "infected". My question is : What can be done to get rid of "eth" on 1) my computer ? 2) every other computer ? Mods, if my post isn't ok rules wise do not hesitate to remove it, i don't want to disturb anyone. Thanks in advance for the replies, if needed you can DM me.