Please help! Withdrew ETH from Binance to Ledger but coins never arrived

self.ethereum1m ago
Hey guys, I sincerely hope you can help me. My ETH is gone and as a small time investor this is a huge blow for me ... After hearing the popular advice not your keys, not your coins I went on to buy a Ledger. Yesterday, I successfully withdrew my ETH from Binance using the Arbitrum network and receiving the confirmation email. The withdrawal address fits my Ledger device but the coins are not on my wallet address. I checked Etherscan and could not find anything rated to my Transaction ID! ​ Please, if someone could help me would be highly appreciated. ​ This is my withdrawal address: 0x6aC503d63896EB53ae35Eef377a12870d1a3d9c3 Transaction ID: 0xaf8f519e464adc700f5710f6f3776c3da23fedc6a20824c7a15666a7cabeeaf8