Play-to-earn falling out of favor after massive shift in priority


According to a recent poll, the play-to-earn model, which was once popular, is losing favor in the blockchain gaming sector as attention shifts to improving gameplay. It was about time, don't you think?

I read about that study, which involved 347 experts from 252 different blockchain projects or businesses and was part of the Blockchain Game Alliance's (BGA) recently released annual report, containing the survey results.

According to BGA, the majority of responders were young adult males holding middle and senior management roles at blockchain gaming companies. One of the tendencies shown by the study was an apparent change in how blockchain gaming CEOs perceived P2E as a catalyst for the uptake of the technology.

I'm a great fan of these games from the beginning but I must agree that they should work more on gameplay, there were only a couple of games I really loved everything about - CoinFantasy, Splinterlands, and Axie.

I think that poor gameplay and the problem of blockchain gaming concepts not being understood were the biggest issues in blockchain gaming.

Do you think there will be much more players if they improve gameplay?

Overall, the blockchain gaming industry is still growing significantly, despite the extended crypto winter, according to a section of the report supported by DappRadar.