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Peak Aggregation: Get the best price for assets that earn you the highest interest across DeFi

Get the best APR on the market with IdleDAI and IdleUSDC on Totle Swap!

Our latest addition to Totle is Idle!

IdleDAI and IdleUSDC are ERC-20 tokens that represent DAI and USDC allocated to the lending provider with the highest yield on the market. This allows you to earn the most interest available on your funds for DAI and USDC without locking up capital!

At the time of writing this, the interest you can earn is 3.78% APR with IdleDAI and 2.30% APR with IdleUSDC. Idle rebalances DAI and USDC between Compound, Fulcrum, and Aave while factoring in risk to ensure your funds are in the optimal position.

Normally, IdleDAI and IdleUSDC need to be purchased directly with DAI and USDC respectively. However, with Totle you can directly purchase IdleDAI or IdleUSDC with any supported ERC-20 token in one swap! Totle will automatically handle any intermediate swaps.

Additionally, we’ve done a deep integration with Idle. This enables Totle to offer DAI and IdleDAI swaps as well as USDC and IdleUSDC swaps with zero slippage.

To purchase Idle’s assets on Totle Swap, simply connect a wallet, select the token you want to swap and IdleDAI or IdleUSDC, and automatically get the best pricing available on the decentralized exchange market.

Get Started

Easily acquire IdleDAI and IdleUSDC with ETH or any popular ERC-20 token: Totle Swap

Build IdleDAI and IdleUSDC swaps and payments into your dApp: Totle Documentation

What Would You Like to See on Totle Next?

Send us a message in the Totle Telegram group about what Totle should integrate next.

Totle is a decentralized liquidity aggregator that automatically acquires users the best pricing available for ETH and ERC-20 swaps.

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