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Parity 1.7.2-beta released. Byzantium inside.

Parity 1.7.2 is a bug-fix release to improve performance and stability. Among others, it addresses the following:

Byzantium fork support for Ropsten and Foundation networks. Added support for the Gnosis and ConsenSys multi-signature wallets. Significantly increased token registry and token balance lookup performance. Fixed issues with the health status indicator in the wallet. Tweaked warp-sync to quickly catch up with chains fallen back more than 10,000 blocks. Fixes to the Chrome extension and macOS installer upgrades. OS Arch Download SHA256 Checksum x86_64 InstallParity.exe e23a3aa039dbd6ed0e1d8866006968c68285a187cc974f83639ee8ec4f2f9428 x86_64 parity-1.7.2-macos-installer.pkg 1b038979e9af07675cdf78b6c445029f18ff97916eb1f6cd21aaf92463ff66ff x86_64 parity_1.7.2_amd64.deb 4c82d7e8a9d53b0020cbc761c39a8f889672093d47b6016516bedc070149eca7 armv7 parity_1.7.2_armhf.deb 1b5d0aea02eeec4f79e4fe68abd31731709993617af1a1072baa2d336da8796f aarch64 parity_1.7.2_arm64.deb 38869df8a96234dfad49899a6208a4140c2331de30b3f2b8f4984cb40c9434e4 OS Alternative Link Homebrew Docker

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