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P2P File-sharing is live on the Ethereum blockchain with Upfiring. You can now passively earn UFR through Yield Farming (starting Tuesday) and by seeding files in the dapp

Step-by-Step Instructions to Participate and Earn UFR Go to Uniswap’s UFR/ETH pair and add equal amounts of UFR and ETH to the pool. You will need to have your UFR in Metamask or another Uniswap-compatible wallet to do this. Once your UFR and ETH are staking on Uniswap, navigate to Unicrypt and click on “Farm UFR” to expand the tab.

3. Once the tab has expanded, you will see how many UNI-V2 tokens you have to stake. These are the tokens Uniswap gives you to represent the tokens you are staking in the UFR-ETH liquidity pool. Click on the blue “Stake” button and then click on “Approve”. Send the Approve transaction and wait for it to confirm on the blockchain.

4. Once the Approve transaction is confirmed, enter the amount of UNI-V2 tokens you would like to stake or press “MAX” to stake them all (recommended). Then click on “Stake” and send the transaction to the blockchain.

5. You’re done! Refresh the page and you can see how many UNI-V2 tokens you are staking, your pool share, and more! You can also click on “Farm Info” to view more information about the farm and see the APY (yearly % earnings) that you’ll be earning once farming goes live. You can withdraw your UNI-V2 tokens at any time and return them to Uniswap in exchange for your UFR and ETH.

When farming, you’ll be earning both a piece of the 2000 UFR farm rewards per day in addition to transaction fees from the UFR/ETH Uniswap market. You can view your UFR and ETH earnings from Uniswap transaction fees by entering your address here once you are staking your UFR and ETH on Uniswap. Happy farming! 👨‍🌾

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