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P2P fiat-crypto gateway Ramp receives open banking license in Europe

Ramp, a Warsaw-based crypto payment gateway, announced it has received an Open Banking License in Europe. The firm was authorized by The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). The license will allow for faster, simpler and cheaper processing of crypto transactions for users in the European Union.

After a 13-month registration process, Ramp is now a fully licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP). This means that the Ramp Network is able to access banking data on behalf of the bank account’s owner for banks across the European Union. All banks are required to give Ramp access to the payment data of their consenting users. By connecting to bank APIs directly, Ramp makes it possible to settle transactions based on API connections with banks.

Ramp Network

Operating as a P2P marketplace where liquidity pool owners (sellers of cryptocurrency) provide liquidity to end-users (the buyers of cryptocurrency). Two key components of the Ramp Network system include: Ramp Instant and Ramp Pools. All transactions between users are settled with open banking APIs.

Currently, Ramp is available in the United Kingdom and soon the entire eurozone. Anyone can try it today and see how access to banks’ APIs enable a fully new and different crypto onboarding experience.

“Creating a fabric connecting permissioned, closed banking layers with open networks is pivotal for web3 and DeFi adoption in the long run. Obtaining Account Information Service Provider registration is another step on our way to connect legacy finance systems with open distributed protocols.” – The Ramp Team Ramp enables simple integration via SDK. New DApp users get registered and finalize their transactions in minutes. Huge news! Ramp just got its open banking license! This will empower makers and users in the open finance community to on-ramp faster, easier, and cheaper 🥰 👇👇👇 — Ramp Ne...
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