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Overall Introduction — Booming of Defi Industry, FXF- World’s First Decentralized Brokerage (Liquidity) Pool Aggregation Protocol | by FinxfloThe First Hybrid Liquidity Aggregator. | Oct, 2020

Finxflo(FXF), the world’s leading cryptocurrency broker platform, facilitates its users to retrieve the best prices of DeFi protocols from a single interface. Instead of shuffling between multiple protocols, Finxflo offers investors to connect to all the DeFi protocols from a single account on a single platform.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is, undoubtedly, taking huge steps towards the mainstream. Especially with the latest breakthrough in decentralized finance (DeFi). Certain DeFi projects have taken over the market by storm and it doesn’t seem the dust will settle in the near future. Yet, the crypto trading ostensibly remains wrapped around individual centralized exchanges.

The DeFi ecosystem now incorporates multiple protocols and projects, each catering to a different use-case within the financial ecosystem. From lending and borrowing to mortgages and insurance, there are various projects serving a specific use case of the DeFi industry.

These DeFi protocols have experienced substantial growth in the past six months. The collective market value of DeFi tokens has increased from nearly $1 billion at the beginning of 2020 to more than $6 billion in August 2020. The popularity of DeFi has resulted in the development of multiple projects in the financial sector.

Finxflo: DeFi Protocol Aggregator

The Finxflo platform provides the perfect set of tools to investors to leverage maximum gains from multiple DeFi protocols with minimum hassles. Instead of connecting to multiple interfaces, Finxflo users can leverage its aggregation protocol to invest in multiple DeFi protocols from a single platform.

Finxflo’s aggregation protocol consolidates the rates from all the participating DeFi protocols in one single order book. From the global order book, Finxflo ensures that its users receive the best rates and prices from each DeFi protocol. Finxflo uses advanced algorithms to secure...

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