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Opakeco: bringing transparency and accountability to humanitarian causes

A world where humanitarian causes are fully transparent and held accountable.

This may seem like quite the ambitious vision at first, I agree. But to understand my motivation and reasons for it, we have to go back in time a bit; to the time I received a call from a former colleague and friend of mine: Akash Parmesar. An entrepreneur, visionary, and philanthropist.

From past to prologue

I have known Akash for many years now. I met him as a fellow account manager at a technology firm, and quickly learned that we had the same type of interests and an intrinsic drive to change the world for the better.

So when he called with the question whether I still wanted to make the world a better place, my answer was a fast, but well-meant “Heck yeah! Of course, man”. During this phone call Akash explained to me what sort of idea he was planning to realize and how it was conceived together with Jackie — another former colleague, coincidentally at the same firm — in the now notorious “KFC meeting” — a story for another time.

Jackie and Akash had found a way to make our vision for a better future an actual possibility. No, even better: a reality. This was the start of

Opakeco: The Human Foundation.

A non-profit organization that aims to bring transparency and accountability to humanitarian causes with the help of the blockchain, smart contracts, social connections and perseverance.

The word “opakeco” means “opacity” in Esperanto. Why “opacity”? Just read the definition: “the quality of lacking transparency”. We all feel that this is something withholding the world from becoming a better place, especially when it comes to humanitarian charities.

The Opakeco Foundation has chosen the Esperanto translation, because it was specifically designed to transcend cultural differences and to be politically neutral. The foundation strives for these exact same goals.

Foundation of the foundation

Every organization is built by ...

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