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Oh How Ironic you are Google.

Teddy wants to know who’s calling him and why. Abby shows him how. With Call Screen you can screen your calls with help from the Google Assistant, so you know who’s calling and why. Then you can decide to pick up or move on.1. When receiving an incoming call, tap Screen Call2. You will be able to see what the caller is calling about on your screen as it’s transcribed in real time3. Then you can choose how to respond: Either report as spam, select a suggested response to find out more, answer the call, or hang upLearn more about Pixel 3 at:

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How Ethereum Virtual Machines work

An in-depth look into what the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is, what it does, and how the intricate computation of the system works.
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Erik Voorhees' thoughts on Facebook's Libra

1/ Thoughts on Libra (and my first tweetstorm!): first, zoom out for a second and realize how far this industry has come. The biggest companies in the world are now launching cryptocurrencies. BOOM.—...