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Official Marketplace: Top 20 Cards (Analysis & Insights) – Week 13 & 14

Our feature writer, Luci Kelemen, rounds up the last two weeks of Official Marketplace action…

Welcome back! One can’t help but think looking at the recent Marketplace data that we’re all itching for the Trial of the Gods cards to finally arrive. Quite frankly, the last two weeks were pretty odd in terms of card performances, suggesting the community is ready to experiment at the tail end of this metagame. Is it just a phase or a sign of something deeper with Sanctum shaking things up? Let’s dive into the numbers to find out…

Topline observations Sanctum considerations A deluge of common cards in the marketplace An eclectic combination of old and new cards in the top 20 Domain distribution: Which Gods are trending as front-runners? A sneak peek at core card performance Sanctum means no safety

It goes without saying that the introduction of a new gameplay mechanic will shake up the ecosystem of a trading card game both on and off server. In the case of Sanctum, the reception to its initial design, plus the developer communiques suggest there will be multiple rounds of potential changes until the balance feels right.

The goal is to provide an extra layer of strategy in the game without skewing gameplay towards a specific playstyle. What does this all add up to? Plenty of ambiguity – but that creates room for experimentation. Especially now, with a new set of cards inching ever closer, it feels like there’s new opportunities to revisit previously unfancied options in the game.

The Sanctum

However, you clearly don’t want to go overboard when doing so, and the mixture of cards on the recent top 20 Genesis sales lists seems to confirm the sort of careful experimentation you’d expect when introducing a variable like Sanctum.

There’s even more common cards than before (a staggering seventeen of the top twenty cards for both Week 13 and 14), with a combination of brand new ones and a handful of early Marketplace favorites...

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