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Offchain Labs integrates Chainlink on Arbitrum's secure off-chain smart contracts

Offchain Labs, a provider of off-chain smart contracts with on-chain security, has announced the release of new capabilities for the larger Ethereum community by enabling the combined use of Arbitrum and Chainlink, which will enable Arbitrum’s unique form of trust-minimized smart contract computation to be used both securely and easily in the computation of any data-enabled Solidity based smart contract that uses Chainlink.

With Chainlink node operators now able to operate as validators of Arbitrum’s secure off-chain computation protocol, developers can build smart contracts using an entirely new approach to secure off-chain computation, providing previously inaccessible scalability for running Solidity, and extreme improvements in cost efficiency.

Combining Arbitrum’s unique trust-minimized smart contracts together with Chainlink’s high-quality node network as secure validators of those computations, as well as their ability to create secure connections to key external resources, provides a greatly improved, more scalable, and extremely cost-efficient off-chain development stack for smart contracts. This makes it simple to launch highly secure, externally connected, and cost-efficient smart contracts that can meet the demands of interoperability with other key systems, while being used for computationally intensive use cases that want to rely on the security of Ethereum.

Arbitrum Rollup, from Offchain Labs, is now live on testnet and is the first Rollup system for general smart contracts. To get started quickly with Arbitrum and Chainlink’s improved ease of use and external data-enabled capabilities, jump into the quick start Chainlink+Arbitrum off-chain development guide. Offchain Labs encourages developers to check out the Arbitrum documentation and begin experimenting with Arbitrum smart contracts directly on their local machine or testnet.

Arbitrum: Reducing Gas Costs and Increasing Throughput

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