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NFT's still have real world use cases in stuff like home, car titles properties and even to struggling artists.

I recently discovered about NFTs and how many people have made a lot of money from them. They are much more than they appear on the surface. It may take some time, but NFTs will bring about the long-awaited "tokenization of everything" that has been discussed. Many folks here immediately assume "money laundering" when they hear the term "NFTs," but it's much more about establishing a digital presence and identity. The top projects right now are those that provide ongoing benefit to their owners while also developing their communities by making collective decisions about the project's future. Cutting out the middleman in other types of transactions, such as real estate or event tickets, or anything else that's one-of-a-kind is one of the advantages. The [NBA]( and [Mark Cuban]( are avowed "fans," so I'm guessing it'll start there before moving to other sports and then the arts and music industry/other events like [Crypto Punks]( and [PaperMen]( I'm curious to see how musicians, artists and filmmakers use NFT’s in their work, specifically the struggling ones. Creating several "trim levels” of an album or a single, so to speak, has a lot of possibilities and strengthens the bond between the musician and their audience. So, what are your thoughts?
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